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What it is

A dashboard app for forum posts

Highlights Priority Posts

Don't sift through pages and pages of threads or use arbitrary search terms to look for helpful posts. Ambient sorts them for you!

Incorporates User Feedback

Tired of seeing posts from players who got banned for cheating? Flag them as unhelpful, and the model will learn to exclude them!

Automatically Updates

Worried about the data? Don't be! A nightly job pulls in all new posts for the last 24 hours.

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Scraped threads using Python libraries including Requests, Selenium, and BeautifulSoup

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Ran EC2 instances in parallel to scrape nearly a million posts of historic content and write results to S3 bucket

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Compared forum posts to future patch notes using cosine similarity as proxy for how 'useful' a post is

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Built Random Forest model out of vectorized post titles and content, as well as factors like capital letter usage and profanity

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Designed database schema and API which allows dashboard users to rate posts for future models

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Constructed dashboard from scratch using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap

John Bourassa

Data Scientist

John recently moved to Seattle from the East Coast, where he studied Accounting, Computer Science and Analytics. He built Ambient for his three-week capstone project as part of the Galvanize data science immersive program. In addition to strengthening his data science skills, John enjoys playing games and going for hikes on Washington's many beautiful trails.