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#8 in Hyperthreading pushed my performance by Talon6sic6 True but only recently because modern games (like really new) are being developed differently to accomodate and make better use of 6 and 8 core processors. But as you said, when this game is further developed it will most likely come down to gpu stats and the cpu will start to become irrelevant. I myself have an Intel i7 6700k 4-core, and an AMD R9 390x and I get between 55-75 fps in PUBG running all settings at High except View Distance which is set at Ultra. (1080p) 100%scale Apr 06, 2017
#0 in Yet another esp+no recoil cheater on na servers (a... by NetGuru Since the official forums remove this kind of posts for misterious reasons, and almost every top10 in every game have one to three of these cheaters ruining the fun for everyone.The next time you get killed from behind with perfect 4 hits without any miss and pretty fast shots or someone is shooting at you from a place so far away that you can't even see him, here is the reason why, as of 1st of january 2018: Jan 02, 2018
#6 in Cpu-gpu ASKING by Josh-Auron Your vram is the ONLY thing you will need "more" of to play with settings on ultra. I underclock my 1080 so it's running like a 780 pretty much, but its a 8gig card. I get 120+ fps with everythign on ultra if i don't cap my fps. It is RARE for games to be cpu/gpu heavy these days, it is only either vram or ram heavy. This one beign vram. Much like Ark, just a poorly built engine that loads raw textures rather then micro-compression to make vram less of a load. Jan 02, 2018
#16 in Playing in 1080p on a 1440p, 144 Hz, 27 inch monit... by Blaauwe Ok i tried it, i put ingame resolution to1920x1080, screen scaling to 120, anti aliasing + textures + view distance on ultra and it pretty much did the trick. I played for a couple of hours and there was only 1 instance of dropping to 55 FPS.I did have to adjust my sensitivity a bit but no problems besides that. So if you play on 1440p and drop under 60 frames, set it to 1080p and you should be fine on higher settings.Thnx again guys, Dec 27, 2017
#0 in whats the minimum and recommended processor for th... by too damn filthy im currently using A10-7870k with GTX 750ti, my 1st game seems pretty fine could run around 40-60 at medium/low set, around 5th games it becomes chappy and laggy, everytime i reach a town it lags for like 6 seconds and becomes 20-30 fps after that. Im planning to buy a new processor cause my 4 year old PC cannot handle the pressure and stress of this game. any suggestions? cause im not an expert about brands. detailed info will be apreciated xoxo <3 Jan 02, 2018
#1 in what pc you need for streaming by ZzezZ☔ it may cause some shutter, but if you set the stream to low you might be albe get away with it esp at 1080P, however best result, you kinda need seperate rig to stream from or atleast another gpu to dedicated to processing as the other works on rendering the game.would say just test it out and see what you can get... but MAKE sure you set your fan profiles for cpu/gpu to high before attempting it, gonna make them warm! Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Exiting vehicle leading to death? by tobius How the hell are they gonna create a game where vehicles are a thing but where you go 5mph and get out and you are not even close to the car and you die from "running over yourself" even tho your car isnt near you and it couldnt of killed you in any way whats so ever if it had anywheres close to actual car mechanics in any game such as h1z1 Jan 02, 2018
#9 in 25-30 fps. by Josh-Auron The game is v-ram heavy, you dont need a "powerful" gpu or cpu, just vram. Like most games these days, they just load the raw textures cuz the engine isnt coded to load stuff smoothly. Cryengine is only one do it it effectively in past like 10 years. Just get a 6gig+ gfx card and you will be fine, even if it's a 780. (i underclock a 1080 and easily sit at 120+ fps with all ultra settings if i dont cap my fps) Jan 02, 2018
#48 in This hacker wave has made the game unplayable. I w... by robo I'm done wish I could request a refund for this garbage when a guy that should have no idea you are hiding in a building constantly tries to get an angle from a hill 200m to shoot you while your hiding around the corner of a door with a red dot and then headshots you and your teammate as you are running away in 2 shots is a♥♥♥♥♥♥off I had a red dot sight too and I could barely see the guy. Also a guy going through a tree repeadeatly hiding right in the middle of the tree that was a new one Jan 02, 2018
#7 in Hyperthreading pushed my performance by derSanitöter Try this on PUBG -> nope.Try this on BF1 -> nope.More cores are better in some games and if you don't run settings like ultralow/low with 720p to 1080p you will run mostly into a gpu-limit and cpu is not important anymore.Thats what you see on Intel i7 8 cores and AMD Ryzen. Decent graphics settings and atleast 1440p and there is no difference anymore between a 4Ghz Ryzen or 8-core Intel and the 7700k in most games. Apr 06, 2017
#4 in Running simulator by Pa+hetiC It's not that there are not enough cars, it's that the spawn/drop locations are getting bugged.So often I am seeing locations with car spawns empty, just to run into one of the final circles to find multiple vehicles in close proximity on their spawn points.Same with loot drops, very often they are being dropped near each other. Making it so once you secure one, just hide and wait for another.Coding needs to be fixed. Jan 02, 2018
#19 in Rework the ♥♥♥♥ing bluezone or playerunknown is go... by Smegmatron I think the damage is fine. I just which it would slow the ♥♥♥♥ down in the later stages. The first one is fine. It gives you time to loot, and plan your arrival to the zone if you are out of it. But, as they start getting smaller, it seems the zone is our main enemy and not the other guys. If you get into one skirmish later in the game, you're basically going to find yourself in the blue. It's annoying. Please, make it so we can kill each other with the confidence that we can still make it to the next zone after everyone's dead. Jan 02, 2018
#7 in Anyone else think the Blue Zone does way too much ... by Lara Not really, as of now the campers just kill you with ease because you're already low on health, or there's the times when you and someone else make a run for it and you shoot each other and it doesn't matter who wins that fight blue zone just finishes you off anyway, the damage needs to be reduced. Jan 02, 2018
#11 in Cpu-gpu ASKING by MonkehMaster why would you underclock a 1080? your defeating its purpose of being a highend card...i run 7 pro 64biti7 6850k 6 core @4.0ghz (no overclock)asus rog strix 1080 AG 8GB ddr5x vram (no overclock)64GB ram g-skill trident z ddr4 3000mhz (no overclock)1TB samsung 960 pro nvme m.2 ssd (OS)1TB samsung 850 pro 2.5 ssd (games)western digital 4TB gold (storage)i hit 144fps (games max fps) with all ultra settings in 1080p, in 4k i get almost 60fps with all ultra settings, i can stream and game on it and have no peformance issues at all in the stream or gaming.... Jan 02, 2018
#25 in Hundreds of cheaters in the last week by ShadowStalker™ Maybe all of you crybabies should read the announcements where they said to ban 25k+ cheaters in the past 3 months. there is no such a thing as perfect anti-cheat, and every, EVERY online video game will have cheaters. Also, I have 200h and encountered no more then 2-3 cheaters, so don't just call anyone who kills you from afar or in a weird way a cheaters.If you think Im wrong, you are welcome to show me as many clips as you say the amount of cheaters are. Jul 20, 2017
#0 in crazy frame drop!!! by WallySa so since the update came out i have been lagging so much even on very low FFSyes my G card isn't the best but it used to be playable and with all the updates it went to 60 fps but now it goes from 60 to 25 every 5 seconds !!any help? Jan 01, 2018
#0 in Hyperthreading pushed my performance by RyukEUW I dont know if you have tried it, or even playing with HT all time, but I am used to play on 4 cores with higher clocking, but for somehow it turned out when playing Battlegrounds in Hyperthreading mode of my CPU with 8 instead of 4 cores, the game became way more stable and fluently. If you have the chance to test this, maybe your performance will improve as well. But dont expect a 25fps to climb up to 60. Apr 06, 2017
#5 in The SKS is ridiculously bad. by TriggerHappy ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ Correction i remember now i used it once with an 8x and hit a guy like 4 times and he did not go down. This was in duos and they were getting shot at from behind them so i guess some weapons did change drastically since the update as i can now use the AKM better in my opinion. The same goes with the Uzi as i can use it fine at mediumish range. Jan 02, 2018
#7 in I am Sick to Death of being killed by cheaters by Flobba Job Regarding the replays thing, yes they aren't 100%. I'm sure I read somewhere that the game doesn't so much record replays (as it would use too much memory space), and instead records certain details (players locations, weapons, shots fired, bodies hit, etc.) and uses these facts to rebuild the replay which would explain why it sometimes messes up. I think this is the way that multiple games do it?If I'm wrong then fair enough, just sure I remember reading it somewhere. Jan 02, 2018
#19 in Can we region lock china yet? by Josh-Auron Neither, but i don't blame people for feeling like it is all chinese. Just because of the sheer amount of them who go to other servers and hack and/or badmouth whatever countries server they are now playing on, most times they dont remember which server they joined lol. My best friend is chinese, so I'm in no way against them as a whole, but so many of them in the pubg community are rubbish people that need to be kept away from the rest of us. Jan 02, 2018
#15 in Lol why even bother trying to win by Lara And again last night, 7 people left there's me in a Ghillie Suit led in a bush completely invisible, not moving no one saw me or heard me, and I was lucky as the circle closed in but I was still in the area, and this Chinese with his wallhack (highlights players) just barely escaped the blue zone looks to his right aims at the bush not even seeing me and kills me lmao. Jan 01, 2018
#0 in The SKS is ridiculously bad. by HighRoLa Imagine this.A high recoil DMR.10 rounds in a mag.Hard to use at long range because of new bullet physics, hard to use at medium-short range because high recoil and 10 rounds in a mag.And then it needs 4 or 5 shots to kill.I shot a guy 3 times with the SKS and he might have survived a 4th shot with his health bar.And yes, in fast succession, he didnt heal in between with anything. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in 25-30 fps. by XiaLianLangXhu666 I play in a laptop connected to a monitor and i get 25-30 fpsI have geforce 820m + 16 GB Ram and a decent intel Sometimes I can play smoothly but its very hard to see the enemies and some days for some reason I only get 15-20 fps.Is there any way to get the same fps (25-30) and get a smoother gameplay while seeing the enemies far way? Jan 02, 2018
#23 in Can Bluehole finally get rid of all the cheaters? by SharpShot.gif Or we have a more down to ground view on it. The game buggy as ♥♥♥♥ and any time someone gets killed in a way thats just not normal the 1st thought it cheating. Its like no one say wait this game is full if bugs maybe its just bug that resulted in my death or maybe i dont have a full perspective of what happened. Not everything is cheating.But that said anyone who say there is no cheating in this game do need to pull there head out of the clouds because there clearly is Dec 31, 2017
#18 in got killed by 2 cheaters today by 酒々井-1337- The Game is full of bugs it can be you get killed normal but it was a bug that he see you at a other postion i played yesterday a round a shot on one and in 1 second he teleportet 50 meter away the game is full of bugs but the anti-cheat is too bad Jan 02, 2018
#14 in Cpu-gpu ASKING by MonkehMaster the game is capped at 144fps by the devs.....also you wont burn out your card by running it with no clocking at all.... i dont overclock mine and it runs flawlessly doesnt even come close to getting hot either, cpu never goes above 45c and gpu never gets above 50c :)also this game was optimized for 4-6 cores, so it does use all 6 of my cores, you can also set most games to use all your cores :). Jan 02, 2018
#65 in Hundreds of cheaters in the last week by DosenMais. Feel the same about your whole thread x'DNever saw any hackers for now, and battleeye is such a awesome anticheat, ofc it cant 100% protect you from all cheaters but it is way better then much other anticheat systems.No need to stop playing this game because of cheater, because thats exactly what cheaters want. Get good and dont rage at everyone who is better then you, they dont have cheats only because you died on them. Jul 21, 2017
#53 in For linux? When? by Blacklisted I'll see if I can find the article where they were or did allow osx and linux licenseing to Direct x api on both os's for there games and ios and android... Weather that deal went south I dono.... It wouldn't matter anyways as Linux and Osx are happy to use OGL which Unreal Engine 4 supports. The point was MS is parting out its profitable ip's to other platforms because Windows itsself is NOT profitable. I should have just linked it all in one message sorry for the confusion. Sep 27, 2017
#0 in Please render grass at longer distances by Lara Right now it's like 150m, I knew it was a bad idea laying in the grass with my ghillie and yep I'm being shot because someone beyond 150m can see me clear as day. It doesn't even have to animate beyond 150m it can just be static so there's no impact on performance... Jan 02, 2018
#4 in Banned, but didnt use Cheats. by Kefka Say what you want, but I have no reason to lie over a pathetic video game that I slightly enjoyed playing with others. Why would I play a game for 230+ hours then decided for one second to try to cheat, with my score as crappy as hell, every replay I have no "no recoil" kills whenever I actually get a kill after ruberbanding and lagging or dying from bugs like fall damage from parachutes. Do me a favor and shut the hell up. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Stuck on PUBG main picture screen by Preca[Cz] Hello guys, so I´ve decided to try performance of my NTB (it´s MSI with i5 and GTX 770m, 8GB DDR3)... I´ve played on this laptop PUBG before many times. Right now I can see the blank lobby screen shortly after the startup, then the main picture of PUBG appears, but stays there forever. No way getting to lobby to see my character. OS is Win10. I´ve already tried to reinstall the game / delete tslgame folder from appdata. Unfortunately it didn´t get rid of the problem. Thanks for suggestions. Dec 21, 2017
#0 in Playing in 1080p on a 1440p, 144 Hz, 27 inch monit... by Blaauwe I'm wondering if this is possible without messing up the graphics too much.I have a Dell S2716DG 27 inch, 144Hz Monitor set to 1440p, paired with a GTX1080 gfx card and a 6700k processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM.If i play on slightly higher settings then low i get around 60FPS in some places on the map and i think playing in 1440p is causing this because it's a little too heavy.I was wondering if i can just play the game in 1080p without messing up how the game scales to my monitor, to boost performance and be able to maintain high FPS on high settings.Let me know, thnx in advance Dec 27, 2017
#28 in How to reduce pubg cpu drag. by NathaN How much ram? I had 2 sticks and from memory i bought low profile ram as there isnt much clearance between the front fan and the 1st ram slot.The cooler doesnt hit it but the fan is close. If you only have 2 sticks just move them to slot 2 and 4. Or orientate the cooler north south. Blowing out the top of the case insteas of the back.Get the specs and measure it. Jan 03, 2018
#0 in V-Sync problem by Grizzly'TK Ok, so if I play with V-Sync off I get from 90 to 70 FPS and sometimes it drops to 55 to 60 but its rare. But when I turn it on the fps sometimes locks at 30 fps, and thats annoying. It locks to 30 randomly and the goes back to 60fps. Any solutions? Jan 02, 2018
#3 in cpu problem when i play by Ya Boi Cam As some others have stated, its important to provide some information on what CPU you are using. Some older CPU's do not have the needed resources to really handle this game. In some cases people see issues from the read/write from their Hard drives and require a SSD to see better performance. Please provide your Computer specs so that we can see what is going on and better assist you. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in kar98 vs lv1 helmet by Derpinator In my most recent game I got shot in the head by an enemy kar98 in around 20 meter range while im wearing a lv1 helmet and it some how didn't kill me, but it did break my helmet and left me with 10% health. is this a bug or is it just some mechanic that i didn't know about? Jan 02, 2018
#36 in 45c CPU and 70-85 GPU temps playing PUBG? temps ok... by ¤☣wing☢zeяo☣¤™ I have 144Hz 1440P screen so my GTX 1080 is always at 99% load, gets up to mid 70's after a good blast but it is running above 2GHz, kind of floats between 2/2.1GHz, CPU hits 45/50c in PUBG, 65/70c under a long stress test like Prime95.If your a stock clocks yours is a little warm, is it just a stock Intel cooler?Is your GPU a reference blower style cooler?How is air flow? What case do you have?When was the last time you put thermal paste on the CPU? Jan 02, 2018
#11 in Playing in 1080p on a 1440p, 144 Hz, 27 inch monit... by Blaauwe @PcPairgun, My settings are allready very low, Anti aliasing = High and view distance = High, rest is very low.Ok guys i will give it a try with 120 scale and 1080p resolution. I'm sick of situations where i'm getting in an unexpected fight and FPS drops below 60 all of a sudden.Thnx again for your feedback, i'll let you know how it went. Dec 27, 2017
#36 in Linux Petition by Colonel Panic +1 I'm willing to contribute to a Linux port fund. And no, I'm not going to install Windows just to play one game when the rest of my library runs in Linux (even in Wine, but because of BattlEye this won't run).In regards to BattlEye, you know there's a Linux version of that too right, and has been for almost 2 years? ARK: Survival Evolved uses it as an example. So that's not really a valid reason to not port either. Dec 15, 2017
#16 in To report a hacker? by DesertRat_555 i dont know what you call it but i have tried changing rooms over 7 times and still get the same person (s) in this room. its so bad i can actually SEE myself and i cannot even use frags or anything but shoot and thats with hipfire. not aiming. this is getting crazy and im tired of them. everyone is ticked off in these rooms. i can restart.. and they are there STILL.I want to play. Not be messed up. what do i do? just quit playing??? Jan 02, 2018
#6 in Chinese people ruin squad. by Finskilare This is so true ^^I "heard" a story of a guy who got stuck with 3 chinese whos plan was to let the poor fellow loot and then kill and take his s hit. It didnt work out as they planned, one by one they came to die according to the story. This i heard happened on several occasions. The reactions were priceless. Well that is what i heard lol ;)):D Jan 02, 2018
#3 in PUBG patch ( And already hackers (proof!) by texasrattler They have all new anti cheat measures that are currently in the works but not yet deployed. Will they work, they feel confident that it will. No ETA but the software is being trained to look out for very specific patterns. So at some point it will be released and we will see less cheating but untill then we will have to put up with it and simply report the cheaters. Dec 29, 2017
#3 in Miramar blows. by Phoenix Not offended, No cover, 4x+ is required to play late game. Drop in city or die. vehicles are crap. Blow more meds on vehicles than bullets because of the terrain. At this point me and the people I play with just leave if its a miramar map. Jan 02, 2018
#20 in Unreal sh*t realisation game and this game is game... by VotingChipmunk I'm literally in the same boat as Toast Buster on this. After leaving EA the game runs almost perfectly fine, lag is rarely there (but still there), I have yet to run into a cheater, I myself haven't ran into any bugs since leaving EA (not optimistic, though) and the shooting isn't that bad, you just need to git gud. (Yes, I'm an a**hole). I also run this on Ultra with my hardware which is on par with Toast's. Jan 03, 2018
#4 in The SKS is ridiculously bad. by HighRoLa Its not that great even if youre good with it. I can do some pretty good stuff with it if i have a 4x, but i had a red dot and succeeded to hit a guy 3 times only to have him kill me and be left with possibly enough hp to survive a 4th shot. But anyways, i would absolutely take a M16 over it because they have about the same dmg yet M16 has much less recoil and 3x the mag size. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in fps drop by Xzhee what ssd effect on fps?because I am trying to find out what the problems of my pc, I always get the fps drop when entering the house, the war, every clay view is different, and while shooting with scope, its beginning I get 80 + fps and drop to 20-fps, ago I got this problem since the 1gb update yesterday Jan 02, 2018
#0 in This game is unplayable... by Megafro It may seem I am compaining too much but this game is legit unplayable. From asian people on EU servers and anywhere else that shoot you through walls to hitboxes being bad, or the hit detection. Im trying to enjoy this game, but when I die every game because XianChang1 killed me through a wall I cant really enjoy.Any tips on how to win againts the asins?And bare with♥♥♥♥♥♥hitboxes? Jan 02, 2018
#4 in Woooooooooooooooow by NetGuru as i said he is using the no recoil script, all he has to do is turn aim at you and hold left click, all 10 first spray shot hit perfectly and you die at the first 4 shots. watch the popular streamers and see they no recoil and all their shots hit perfectly and no, it's not because they are "pro" players with 20 years csgo experience... some admit it and because its not banable yet they abuse it and everyone thinks they are superhuman, sad.WATCH THE FIRST KILL OF THIS VIDEO, this is what happened to you: Jan 03, 2018
#12 in Hundreds of cheaters in the last week by DarkDayNOT virtually no-one cheats on this game... However saying that I just shot someone with 13 bullets of a m416 after dropping down from a plane and get blood every shot (hitting him) and they don't die and run around the map and then turn around and one shot you with a shotgun... what is life. Jul 20, 2017
#16 in POWER DRAW by ShadowGearX If you swapped PSU and GPU out of another rig and used your same motherboard and CPU and had the same issue, your issue is a bad mobo or cpu and the other stuff you play is better optimized that PUBG so its not gone enough to do it on those. It will get there though. Stop playing PUBG until you can buy a new mobo and cpu Jan 02, 2018
#5 in Red dot sight red cross graphic bug by Ferny (on holidays) the gt630 and i74770 runs pubg at 20-30 fps at very low im going to upgrade to a 1050ti soon but yea its just a big red cross that covers the WHOLE sightyoucan down the brightness but it is just the bloody faintest dot evr if there is a way to fix it pls help :D Dec 23, 2017
#79 in This game is full of aimbotters and wall hacks use... by A Long Rubbery One Back in EA I had a head shot that was a little over 900m with either a 2x or a 4x, can't remember which but either way It was a lucky♥♥♥♥♥shot that I took at a little more then a dot across the map. These players are just bad and think everyone is cheating because they never played a game without match making. Dec 31, 2017
#13 in Cpu-gpu ASKING by Josh-Auron Because the raw gpu pwoer IS NOT NEEDED. and why kill my card quicker by burning it out?? I get 120+ fps while udnerclocking, so you cant say it's gpu processing power is needed lol. I just have i7 6700k, 4 core ( cuz games still dont use more then 4)32gig 3k ram3tb hd, no ssd. gtx 1080 8gig. All default clocks besides gpu. Never had any issues with any game, be it games like ark which are♥♥♥♥♥♥optimization, or "high end" games. Surprised you only get 144 fps tho, you should be getting muuuuch more then that cuz i get 120 easily lol. Do you use vsync and your screen is a 144 hertz maybe? Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Hundreds of cheaters in the last week by ⇋๖ۣۜTʜᴇ01xвᴏxᴇʀ Normally i win at least 2 of 5 games i play daily. In the last week i met a lot of cheaters that either used aimbot or directly shot trough walls, much like the old lag switch bug people used. Me and my team (and i hope many more people) are going to leave the game till the issue is resolved, Battleye is not a good anticheat and cannot protect anything, as proved in this last week where there was probably some new skid cheat released that is undetected by BE. Jul 20, 2017
#39 in PUBG Ads breaking game???? by Adam No ads anywhere. You’re just having a virus. It’s not important, that you downloaded something or not recently. There are some virus/malware types that hides in your computer, and they come out at a certain time or to a certain action. I recommend you to reinstall your operating system, or go back to a restore point, but at least install and run a reliable antivirus software. I recommend Nod32 or Malwarebytes, one of those will surely get the rubbish out for you, and they both have a 30 day trial session!I hope, it helped ! Have a great day ;) ~Adam Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Kill Ratios by chailey1970 Is it just me (and yes, I know by starting a post with this phrase it will get answers of, "yes"), or does it seem ridiculous that some people have a 20/1 Kill ratio or greater? I work hard to have at least one kill each match. I'm at 70 hours (post 1.0) and I am at 0.12. I pretty much suck at killing, but I do end up Top 10 a lot. How in the world are these people racking up 20 Kills average each match? That's ONE FIFTH of the entire match population! Jan 02, 2018
#17 in PUBG has broken hit registration. This is not favo... by PioneerX I mean that's a bit extreme but I tend to agree right now the netcode is garbage. It's the worst that's been tested of any multiplayer FPS. There's no reason to beat yourself over the head trying to improve at a game where the gameplay varies wildly from match to match, server to server, player to player. This is not finely tuned, or even well architected. Fundamentally the netcode is garbage because it's not even based on a constant tick rate, I think they'd have to throw it all away and start over -- which is highly unlikely Sep 16, 2017
#0 in In-game voice chat not working by Aegal Title says it all, sound in-game works just fine but I can't hear any players in the game for voice chat. I have tried applying chat to none and team only and back to all. I have tried muting and unmuting at ctrl t many times. I have my devices set at default for the headset. Any other ideas? I use Discord for my team but i don't see any options showing for voice disable in-game as I can use in-game voice chat in every other game besides the one. Mar 29, 2017
#51 in Hold RMB to Aim Down Sight. by King Buzzo Wrong. This game has its system, there are good reasons for it, and nothing requires it to be like other games. It's better that it's not. Aim is not broken; it works very well as it is. Other people have learned these controls fine. They are not going to make aim reconfigurable, so get on with getting better at the way PUBG does aim. Aug 12, 2017
#0 in Why shotgun require aim at 6 feet away? by Synergy The S686 or S1897, both do it. If you do not hold right click to aim (not ADS), it will not hit, from point blank range, ridiculous come on. How are you supposed to ambush someone when you run through a door to surprise a dude, you literally can't, because the time it takes to right click to aim, is enough to be killed. Jan 02, 2018
#13 in This game is full of aimbotters and wall hacks use... by A Long Rubbery One I suck at this game and am the first pearson to admit it, that said, back in EA i had a kill that was slightly over 900m. How you ask? Well I seen a guy standing way off in the distance trying to take a shot at someone else, so i fired at this little speck and got lucky as ♥♥♥♥. I was using 2x scope. It was pure luck that i even hit anywhere near him, let alone got a head shot. so in other words♥♥♥♥♥♥happens. Also i could add that the person that shot you could be playing on a rather large 4K screen, meaning you were not as small as you would like to think. Dec 28, 2017
#63 in just made it to top 0.78 on EU by DarkStarClassic I'll bet there plenty players around 0.40 which i am(not played for 3 days) who have 10 kills but not made it to last 10.I make tii many times to even last 5 but i get mostly 0 or 1 kill thats PUBG for yah in nutshell.A bad shooter like me can end up at last 5 and win games(12 wins so far only solo btw FPP) Jan 02, 2018
#0 in PUBG where is the actual improvment ? by MadHatter Game lags like crazy for the first 2 min afther you drop you cant pick up a weapon gor ages fps spikes for no reason non stop from 144 fps drops randomly to 70-59 fps how dare you call this a fix Developers of this game have no shame at all riping people off like this most playd game on steam 30$ and you cant even hire or make a actula fix atleast to your♥♥♥♥♥♥lagy servers EU servers lag so much i am forced to play NA atleast there i can pick up a weapon afther 30 second s spaming on the damn ting Jan 03, 2018
#123 in This game is full of aimbotters and wall hacks use... by [GX]DroidBishop I'm currently in the top 1000 (700 something) on EU servers and so far there hasn't been a match where the last 10 didn't have at least one cheater. The last match I played today there were three if us left. I see this prick running in front of me without a helmet and vest. I shoot at him, land every shot, there's red mist and everything. He survived. Turned around and killed me with the single shot from UMP even though I had lvl 2 helmet and lvl 3 vest. It's really frustrating... We need region lock for Asians immediately. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in I not hacker why ban? by ColdcutSub Just kidding I'm not a hacker nor was I banned, but what's up with these people thinking they can get away with using hacks and then they beg on the forums acting innocent after being met with the consequences. Play the game as intended and don't risk the chance of ruining the game for yourself and especially others. Every game will have cheaters :( P.S Please at least learn some useful english for those ♥♥♥♥ers in random queue yelling "china namber wan". Much love to my fellow Asians, but goddamn. Jan 02, 2018
#42 in Cpu-gpu ASKING by MonkehMaster you say that like your pc is the best around?.... plenty of people get 100+ or even hit max fps on this game in 1080p, heck my rig runs this game in 4k with atleast 60fps and all ultra settings. Jan 03, 2018
#30 in Why are over 2million playing such a♥♥♥♥♥♥game? by Esticha but this can be said about any game. in mobas you only level up and fight to destroy the enemies base. in any shooter you shoot people and either run around or camp. so saying that you just run or camp isn't a valid argument seeing as you can describe any game in a few words and make it look bad. and it was actually the guy that made this game that made the original mod for arma 2 and 3 Dec 29, 2017
#34 in PUBG patch ( And already hackers (proof!) by King Buzzo The incentive to cheat is more than just monetizing crates. Some are simply sociopaths, others just like the challenge of beating the system. Motives vary but I can agree I wouldn’t miss the crate system at all if it were taken out. They should make a CCG/TCG separately, and put crates and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t into that game, keeping this game all in-game (no unlocks, items, achieves, et al) Dec 30, 2017
#4 in Cheating Prick! 100% BS! by Han Was referring to the second kill (the one where someone got shot after jumping behind a hillcrest). Also, you're not going do to much by posting here and crying your eyes out. The devs have bailed on the steam forums in favor of their own site. Jan 03, 2018
#0 in WHY PUBG NEEDS REGION LOCK. by Kublai Khan Region locking needs to be a thing. I am sick and tired of Chinese/Asian/Euro PINGS lagging across the board when I am close to the actuall server and have killer bandwith as well as connectivity. Bluehole needs to region lock this game, it is becoming unplayable. This game is all about chance and we do not have a chance if Foreigners are lagging all over the place. Just now I came from a match where i pumped 5 shotgun shells into a guy at close range and he lagged into cover and killed me with a headshot. FIX this god damn game. Jan 03, 2018
#106 in Can Bluehole finally get rid of all the cheaters? by A Long Rubbery One Players get lucky man. I ♥♥♥♥ing suck at this game and I have pulled shots like that off before, it just happens. As for the death cams, they are almost useless as they are not a recording. what you see in the death cam is not what actualy happend in game, just sort of a guess made by the software. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in When are they changing this game to ... MAP FUC#, ... by smg_bear I don't like the Chinese BS anymore than the rest of you, but hell, I spend 90% of my time RUNNING (say in Forest Gump voice).One Game (every game), I just decided to start running and I didn't stop, when I hit one side of the map, I turned around and ran to the other. Jan 03, 2018
#0 in Alot of Aimbot users?!?! by N97 On spectating alot of people are no scoping from long distances and head shotting me. Found a hacker ever game so far.watched aimbots etc on youtube and noticed aimbot isnt as strong while aiming as it doesnt adjuest for lead but then the cheater holds aim/hip fires and hits every shot! any one else notice this? Jan 02, 2018
#22 in My suggestions to make this game great again by Lara I still have better rating than you both. I climbed to the top ranks fast. I could easily just drop in-game die within a minute like 30 times, then stomp a bunch of players in 40-50 matches at lower ratings such as yourselves so I'd get more wins and better K/D but I like the challenge of where I'm at. Or I could play some Squad which I will soon to get my kills up, only played like 3 of them. My stats will fix overtime the more I play, while my ratings gets higher. Stop being so mad. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Chinese people ruin squad. by Lovecraft It's literally unplayable; they don't speak English, they only yell at eachother with extremely cheap mics and you get to hear their entire family line in the background.It's guesswork to figure out just what their battle plan is. Please let us have a language-lock if not region, so they can opt in to be queued with other Chinese people and make an English queue to be the opposite.Maybe make one for the Russians too, although they're way less problematic than the Chinese. Jan 02, 2018
#14 in PUBG steam friends broken??? by [SF] The Jyps This is actually not a problem for me...if this is still a problem for you...just remember this.BOTH you and your friend need to be IN THE LOBBY OF THE GAME, and you need to both have invites set to "Receive Invites"...that means the little button should be gold and have the little tick next to it. Jul 19, 2017
#0 in FPS stop at 60 when i am in full screen or full sc... by INSANE ALEEE!!! hello,Someone please help me, i want to play this game, but even after update, my fps is stuck at 60, and goes up only if i don t play in full screen or full screen(windowed)... i hate it and i don t find an answer, i have a 4k monitor 28", and gtx 1070, and my fps makes me forget about this game, and much of time is moving like a have an pentium 4 pc pls and sorry 4 my english Jan 02, 2018
#2 in how to get rid of chinese hackers and glitchers? by 420Shrooms you dont get me? you can have ping jumps like 40to90 but constant high ping result as kick and there is no compromise. They have advantage over players with 30 ping or less. They teleport over the map and they can hit you behind corners because of lag and also server perform bad too. Lock the regions then if that doesn't work, we can all have our servers and it's solved without any "Xenophobia & Racism" crying. And if they do that, game will be 200x better. Jan 02, 2018
#2 in REGION LOCK PLZ by Trenchfoot Not so much for hacking but just to be able to play a random duo with someone that gets it. Having to say the same "lets go" 20 times and still getting killed because they ♥♥♥♥ing just sit there. North American servers are OVERRUN with asians. Dec 31, 2017
#0 in Possible ESP? by Neon_Wolf What do you guys think of this death cam? He hadn't shot at me or anything prior to this, I had not even heard him, and he came running looking at the red building following my movements, waited for me to move behind a crate and shot a single shot kill. or ESP? Jan 02, 2018
#0 in This low foliage garbage? by CoopDayOop So i am kind of new to this game, make it to top 9 just now me and a friend are solid snaking our way thru the grass when we start taking sniper fire. We both get wrecked. Watch DeathCam, and we might as well have been laying on a paved tarmac void of any debris or cover. What the hell is the point in that? Jan 03, 2018
#17 in Is this cheating guys? by Pa+hetiC Kill cam is laggy af.Can you upload Replay from his perspective? First time I see someone aiming like that with Kar98, and the way he was leading the shots with SCAR look weird - but again it seems more like a Killcam lag than cheating. Jan 02, 2018
#30 in That's me done with this game - hope you can all w... by DR Grissim.K hackers are a huge problem in this game.There are many cures for this/1 custom servers,set up and play with selected players.2/ping limiter for connections.It seems like this game started out as a tactial game but with all the changes like the circles moving in to quick really keep you on the run.I cant understand why they would give bullet drop and such if you dont really have a chance to use it.I see hackers every day and just dont get in the top 10 halve the time and i had some dinners and it feels good but i would never even think of running a cheat.Im sorry you left the game. Jan 02, 2018
#1 in Is there a mod or something where you can just pra... by A dog w/ custom air jordans I belive the devs have expressed interest in a shooting range type mode for practice, but I have no idea on when that might be implemented. Just take a few games to drop in high risk areas, hope to find your gun and practice with it then. According to the Brendan Greene, opening the game up to modding will open more doors for cheaters. Jan 03, 2018
#14 in My suggestions to make this game great again by Lara Not really I have better rating than you.Lost 168 matches? lol going by your logic everyone that plays this game loses all the time. Stats isn't just based on K/D and wins, its a lot more than that, and once you actually get to the top like me, you'll notice that's where a lot of the cheaters are so it becomes even harder to win. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Stuck on black loading screen after joining match ... by Awarw90 Hey guys, for some reason after the 1.0 update every time I join a match all I get is the loading screen and can hear people walking around in the lobby, the airplane, and myself parachuting. Some times if I wait long enough it'll load me in properly but this usually takes about 5 minutes. Does anyone have a fix for this? I've tried completely reinstalling, and verifying local files.Specs are 16gb ram, gtx 1080ti, i7 7700k @ 5ghz. cheers. Jan 01, 2018
#49 in That's me done with this game - hope you can all w... by Helghast Agent I had a hacker kill me yesterday, i was the 8th person left alive, this guy was only using an aug and ginni suit, but i saw in my own deathcam, started with him long range one shotting someone over half the map away and then executing someone in a nearby building through the wall, and then he went straight for me, didnt move the camera like a normal person it was like quick snap onto me and one shot kill......i wasnt making any noise, i was camped in that building waiting for a target, there's no way he knew i was there other then hacks. Jan 03, 2018
#5 in 1 Man Squads is a much more exciting gameplay expe... by Chaoslink I don’t enjoy the game solo so I don’t do solo like this, but I do go duos in squad games all the time. Much easier to gear two people quickly and get to killing before enemies are ready. I’m betting it’s pretty similar to soloing with the added benefit of someone to watch your back and help get angles when enemies try to flank. Jan 03, 2018
#4 in BP on squad by Ghost 1-1 But 3 man squad doesn't get any more than 4 man. And while i understand why they do it i think it should be more than it is. Because it is rediculously low.At least increase BP for the hitpoints and kill points even if not for team rank points. Because hit and kill points give ♥♥♥♥ all as well Jan 03, 2018
#1 in Anyone else think the Blue Zone does way too much ... by ElGuappo I think the timing should be reversed. Shorter time at the start of the game, longer towards the end. The end-game is where strategy and positioning really pay off, and too often the circles mean you have to rush to move and thus reveal yourself to those who ended up in a better position randomly. You then either delay to have a gunfight and even if you survive don't have time to patch up before having to resume your run,or you just keep running and hope for the best. Seems like a waste of a good build-up to me. Jan 02, 2018
#0 in Any way for analog movement with Xbox controller? by Anti Hello everyone,I would like to play the game with controller, but I cannot set the left stick as analog. Right now, it works as digital input, exactly as ASDW, so only 8 directions.Is there any way to set the stick properly? At least until official controller support.Thanks and, please, don't start with the "omg controller is bad you noob" talk, I simply prefer controller because I feel it more confortable and I think we all should have the option to play as we wish. Jan 01, 2018
#12 in How many fps should i have i5 2400 8g and 1050ti 4... by Panthero Well I have a 1080 and my fps is all over the place... 80-100+ some times then others as low as 40 depending on the direction I look (this is @ 1440p) ... with the optimization atm you wont really get an accurate answer.But a 1050 on a fully optimised game would handle this. Apr 16, 2017
#28 in This game is full of aimbotters and wall hacks use... by -Wv- OverwatchJunky Private profile. Typical.Perhaps you should prove that you have 400 hours first. Cheaters arent rare. I have seen 10 in the past 2 days. Guys taking 5 shotgun hits to the chest and legs taking no damage during kill cam. No armor either. Yet they kill me in 2 shots with a Thompson when I have level 3 armor and helmet. You are one person with 1 experience. You can't use that as justification for saying that hackers are rare. You have just nver been killed by one. "Do silverback gorillas exist?? Probably not...cause..I have never seen one."See how that logic fails??? Dec 28, 2017
#0 in [HELP] Can't run PUBG : DX11 feature level 10.0 is... by tomoyo06 Hey everyone! My friend is having a peoblem and cannot seem to fix it.The error is saying that "Can't run PUBG : DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine" but his dx seems to be 12 at the moment.He tried following some of the steps online and reinstalling the game but no luck there.Example;, only thing different from before is that he just updated to windows 10.Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this?Great thanks as always! Jan 03, 2018
#2 in I'm starting to think Im naturally bad at pubg by Xerastraza CSGO is more aggressive. And always run and gun styled play.This game has more tactical thinking. Weapons act more realistically, remember bullets travel not instantly hit target at the speed of light.Bullets also drop the further you try to shoot at targets.Spray and pray methods can still work but are so much less reliable here. Jun 30, 2017
#37 in For linux? When? by King Buzzo You do not know the terms of the deal. Microsoft almost always makes it a platform lock on all sides. Xbox is a brand that spans both console and PC. When the deal was made Bluehole clarified there are no plans to do a Linux or Mac port, and that only the PS4 is planned as soon as exclusive deal with Microsoft runs out.So my guess is, there will be no plan for Linux/Mac, if there ever is one, until after they ship a PS4 version -- which will be next year. Jul 14, 2017
#6 in About done with this crap by IcyTorrent Yes. Lets just literally ignore blood pouring out of his head in my video and all the evidence I've given to show that it was a headshot on my client. If we ignore every piece of evidence then yes, it isn't a headshot. The bullet just warped through time and shot a goat in 1923. Really? I don't know, maybe his ♥♥♥♥ing health bar that is visible from the replay perspective as he is looting outside the circle. God damn. Jan 02, 2018
#2 in Awesome, had a game vs cheater who wasnt recieving... by Ya Boi Cam If you reported and its obvious they are cheating, then they will get the proper follow-up and thats that. Cheating will always be a problem in online games, developer is really doing all they can. If you really can't stand cheating (Which is going to happen one way or another) then stop playing and stick to games that have no online multiplayer. Jan 02, 2018
#24 in with how much hours did u get your first win? by massNminds If you have problem with coming 3rd or something like that, then try the silent (camping) approach. I won my first game with only lying in the grass for the last 10 ppl... I saw ppl running by but didnt shoot, bcs then the last 3-4 ppl dont know where you are and you have the advantege of knowing where they are. Jan 02, 2018
#11 in How to reduce pubg cpu drag. by NathaN The extra temp during gaming could be from the 1070ti adding case temp to the mix.There are different settings to use in prime95. Some are more harsh.How is the case cooling in general?You really should buy an aftermarket cooler with any rig. Decent air cooling like a coolermaser 212x or similar can be bought for $45 or so. They make s massive difference and are easy to install Jan 03, 2018